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Every tough storage box can be easily loaded to the Tough System Carrier Trolley. Do you want to add it to your printout?

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[XR Li-Ion Sortiments]
XR Li-Ion Sortiments
Apskatīt XR sērijas sortimentu. Atrodiet sev piemērotāko darbarīku un konfigurāciju.
[Tough System™]
Tough System™
This work site Tough System™ is waterproof and highly versatile with a host of features developed through years of research. Tough System™ boxes are stackable, and can be configured with the new Carrier Trolley for transportation and security.
[JAUNS Li-Ion Sortiments]
JAUNS Li-Ion Sortiments
Izvēlieties īsto XR darbarīku kombināciju no mūsu sortimenta un sakomplektējiet savu darbarīku kasti.